Outdoor Fitness for young an old

playfit®: A gentle outdoor exercise schedule – soft fitness

We all know how important it is to stay active and keep fit – for adults, young people and seniors alike. There are enormous benefits from doing regular exercises – e.g. your muscles and joints are kept healthy. Exercise is good for co-ordination, mobility and core-stability. It also has a role in preventing falls amongst older people.

Our equipment can be used intuitively and offers an innovative workout schedule. It is fun to use and even couch-potatoes can be motivated to go out of doors regularly and actually do something to keep fit in the fresh air.

playfit® equipment combines exercise routines and massage and using it is stress-free;
it allows you to do simple exercises at your own pace.

In other words, it is a very simple way to improve circulation, mobility and co-ordination. With some of the equipment models you can massage your arms and legs, your back to fitness equipment overview and the palms of your hands – comfortably and easily.

Exercising with playfit® helps keep your muscles supple.

playfit® can be installed practically anywhere:

  • easy to use, uncomplicated “all-weather” equipment – robust and long-lasting quality
  • suitable for all age-groups (except, of course, small kids and toddlers)
  • no special clothing required so no need to get changed before exercising – this is the whole idea – you can really use the equipment in everyday clothing any time
  • benefits to health through stress reduction and exercise


playfit® combines the best of both worlds

Tai Chi

For many years now, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been recognized as complementing many forms of western methods of medical treatment. As such, TCM is already accepted standard practice for health service providers in many countries all over the world. Certain TCM exercising methods place great emphasis on improving body co-ordination. playfit® equipment is a modern way of putting into practice exercising methods which have been tried-and-tested over centuries. The gentle exercises are based on tai chi and qigong, which also involves a set of breathing and movement exercises, with benefits to health through stress reduction and body exercises.